Casper DUI Lawyer

A drunk driving arrest must be taken seriously, not only for the criminal penalties but for the possible impact on your driving privileges and employment prospects. A good attorney should be able to limit the consequences by negotiating a favorable deal or fighting the charges.

The Law Office of Hampton Young, PC, has obtained favorable results for clients charged with driving under the influence and related offenses. Our criminal defense practice handles DUI cases in Casper and Douglas and throughout eastern Wyoming, from Rawlins and Wheatland to Gillette and Sheridan.

We Protect Your License, Too
Losing your driver's license may be the harshest punishment, particularly in Wyoming where there are no transportation alternatives. We represent clients in the administrative license suspension hearing at no additional cost, to retain full or restricted driving privileges. You must request a contested case hearing within 20 days of your DUI arrest. Call us today!

Challenging Your Drunk Driving Charges

Too many people simply plead guilty to DUI/DWI and suffer the full consequences. Attorney Hampton M. Young Jr. explores your defenses to position you for dismissal, lesser charges, alternative penalties or trial.

We have achieved good results in many drunk driving defense scenarios:

  • First offense DUI
  • Repeat offense and felony DUI
  • Underage DUI (.02 blood alcohol)
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • DUI resulting in injury or death

Mr. Young will examine the evidence for opportunities to challenge the charges, from the legality of the traffic stop to the validity of field sobriety tests or Breathalyzer results as the basis for arrest. If we cannot get the charges thrown out and going to trial is not feasible, we may be able to arrange a "wet reckless" plea that does not go on your record as a DUI conviction.

Making Law Work For You

A former prosecutor with 35 years of legal experience, Hamp Young can help you avoid jail, high fines and the adverse impact of a drunk driving arrest. Call 307-224-2020 or (toll free) 800-481-6084, or contact us online, to arrange a free consultation with our experienced Casper DUI attorney.

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