Casper Truck Accident Lawyer

Collisions with trucks are more serious and more complex than a typical car accident. Commercial vehicles are well-insured, but those truck owners and their insurers are also well-defended. It is important to immediately contact a lawyer who is familiar with truck accident cases.

The Law Office of Hampton Young, PC, in Casper has represented accident victims across Wyoming, from Sheridan to Cheyenne and everywhere between. We have the experience and resources to investigate a truck crash and hold the liable parties accountable.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents · Commercial Vehicle Accidents

We handle motor vehicle accidents in eastern Wyoming, including collisions with large trucks on freeways, off-ramps, mountain roads, two-lane highways and local streets:

  • 18-wheelers and logging trucks
  • Freight trucks
  • Package delivery trucks
  • Utility trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Construction vehicles
  • Other commercial vehicles

Personal injury attorney Hampton M. Young Jr. will oversee a prompt and thorough investigation. In addition to evidence inspecting the wreckage and the crash site, we obtain specific evidence from the trucking company such as logbooks, maintenance records and data from the truck's onboard computer.

We will work to identify negligence that contributed to the crash, such as truck driver fatigue, driver error, cargo violations, shoddy maintenance, or negligent hiring and training.

Standing Up To Trucking Companies And Insurers

Truck accidents usually involve severe injuries or fatal collisions. We will detail your losses in your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, including projection of medical costs and lost income, plus damages for permanent disability or pain and suffering.

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers will deny liability or contest the damages. Mr. Young is an experienced trial lawyer who will go to court if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

Call 307-224-2020 or (toll free) 800-481-6084, or contact us online, to arrange a free consultation with our experienced Casper truck accident attorney.

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